Researchers quickly determined that, although Lifespan Hair Restorer was developed for Clinical Settings to be used by Dermatologists, Hair Restoration Clinics, and Professional Spas & Salons, its safe, natural, prescription free formula could be used by individuals, at home, as an easy, private way, to experience a 30-Day Answer to NEW HAIR “Super Growth”, and as a real way to boost hair health, hair fullness, hair thickness, hair volume & hair shine. It has to be put to a “real world” test…

Men and women across The United States were asked to use prescription-free Lifespan Hair Restorer for 30 days, and to report their experiences and results. And the results were beyond all expectation. Here is a sampling of the data received…

“It's hard to believe that Rogaine was released 33 years ago, way back in 1988, when Ronald Reagan was president and Michael Jackson was singing 'Man in the Mirror' for the first time! Science really has come a long, long, long way since then!” – Participant 897, Los Angeles

 “Lifespan Hair Restorer literally did the trick in less than 30 days! Not only did my thinning hair 'fill in', my curls, shine, and thickness returned! Let me tell you, female hair loss is really horrible! All through my youth, I had long, beautiful, thick curly hair. But when I hit 40, my hair started to thin, and kept thinning for the next 8 years (I'm 48 now). It was awful and embarrassing. But, thanks to this amazing 'liquid mousse', my hair looks better than ever! Lifespan Hair Restorer is truly the answer.” – Participant 432, New York

“I'm no scientist, so I can't tell you how the Rare Apple Stem Cells and the other ingredients in Lifespan Hair Restorer work their 'magic'... but they do! Within 30 days of applying this liquid mousse to my hair (after my nightly shower) I'd found the answer to my receding hairline and thinning hair! Having a real, full, thick head of shiny, healthy looking hair really is possible! I can't believe Lifespan Hair Restorer is available without a prescription – but I'm glad it is!” – Participant 359, Houston

“I just wanted Lifespan Hair Restorer to be an answer to my 'pattern hair loss'... I couldn't imagine that it would be even more! Not only did my hair fill-in (in just a month's time), it came back thicker and more beautiful than before! I feel, and look, like an entirely new and improved person!” – Participant 618, Miami

 “60 seconds a day, for 30 days, is all it took to find the answer to my bald spots! I'm truly amazed that the prescription free Lifespan Hair Restorer 'liquid mousse' was so, so, so effective! I finally look normal again – and have a newly grown confidence to match!” – Participant 144, Chicago

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